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Advantages | Grant Management Software & CSR Software

One platform for
all the programs and
causes you support

flexibility  Flexibility


Having served so many corporations and foundations — all with different grants management processes and corporate giving strategies — CyberGrants can be configured “out-of-box” for nearly every kind of program structure or approval process.


On the rare occasions that our unified CSR and grant management software can’t be configured to match your processes, we can create special add-ons or custom features. These have included capabilities such as application-scoring, or support for highly specialized chains of approval.

System flexibility

You can extend our system well beyond familiar programs to new users. Clients apply our software for board service credit, tuition awards, in-kind donations of goods and services, and many others.

Integration capability

Integration with your other systems can make CyberGrants function as an extension of your corporate tools, from single sign on to integration with payroll, HR, accounting and others.

Access from any device

You can easily manage your grants management system and employee engagement programs, participate in approvals or access reports from any device, and do it from anywhere in the world you can find an Internet connection.

dependability  Dependability


Sensitive information about your grantseekers and employees is safe with us. Role-based access tightly restricts system access, backed by continuous monitoring and the latest intrusion prevention systems. Your data is encrypted while stored as well as in-transit, and PCI compliant methods protect payment card transactions and data. See our full security policy.


As a hosting provider serving the largest corporations and foundations, you can be assured that we meet the highest standards for reliable, continuous access to your data. Data centers incorporate redundant hardware and software, and your data is regularly backed up and stored offsite in hardened vaults.

services  Services

Marketplace Expertise

CyberGrants’ unified corporate philanthropy and grant management software comes with nearly two decades of experience serving philanthropy. Turn to us for a wide variety of services: not just technical and systems support, but program design, due diligence, banking services and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager thoroughly knows our unified system and works closely with you to configure your eligibility requirements, approval processes and other unique program elements. Your personal point of contact knows your programs intimately, and assists with ongoing support and implementation.


Many clients take advantage of CyberGrants’ ability to integrate with accounting systems and banking services, and opt to have us handle disbursements and issue checks on their behalf.

Total-lifecycle automation

From pre-qualification, through grantee and employee submission, to approvals and post-award analysis, CyberGrants automates the complete lifecycle of charitable giving. Throughout, we provide secure, role-based access to all participants.

Support for grantseekers and employees

When users of the system have questions, CyberGrants serves as your first line of support for technical and commonly asked questions. Typically, you will only need to handle inquiries that are extremely specific to individual requests and your funding and approval criteria.

consolidated reporting  Consolidated reporting

With your grantmaking and employee engagement efforts captured on the same platform, the system reports on the total impact of both. This aggregated, comprehensive reporting capability is simply unmatched among other online CSR software. Pre-configured and self-service ad hoc reporting allows you to design and pull your own custom reports.


  • Totally flexible reporting, such as by charitable organization, segment, time, region or country
  • Export to spreadsheets and other databases
  • Over 100 pre-configured and ready-to-run reports
  • Ad hoc reports created by interactive wizards, or directly manipulating fields and filters
  • Automated report scheduling
  • All reports in real-time, drawn from continuously refreshed, up-to-the second data

grant management software demo  Request a Demo

The best way for you to experience our unified grants management system and CSR software is with our free online demonstration. If you would like to see CyberGrants in action and witness its adaptability to improve your grants management process and increase employee engagement within your corporate philanthropy programs, please complete the request form.