Purpose and Overview:

The John W. Alden Trust was established under the will of Priscilla Alden in honor of her father. In her will, Miss Alden specified that grant support should be directed toward "organizations providing care and administering to the needs of children who are blind, retarded, disabled or who are either mentally or physically ill ... or organizations engaged in medical and scientific research directed toward the prevention or cure of diseases and disabilities particularly affecting children."

General Guidelines and Policies

  • Grants are limited to organizations located within Eastern Massachusetts.

  • Grants will normally be made for specific projects rather than general operating purposes.

  • Grants generally range in amounts up to $15,000.

  • Grant applications should be submitted on-line at Detailed instructions on the web page will guide you through the process. All questions should be directed to the grants coordinator.

  • Proposals should be as concise and brief as possible.

  • Additional materials pertinent to the proposal may be submitted to the grants coordinator by mail. Please do not send DVD’s or videos.

  • Applicant organizations that neglect to submit a final report on previous programs supported by the Trust should not expect to receive a favorable response on a current request.

  • The Trustees meet on a quarterly basis in February, May, August and November. Applications should be received by the 5th day of the prior month in order to be considered at the Trustees quarterly meeting.

  • The Trustees will frequently require an applicant organization to seek funds to match a grant from the Trust. Such challenge grants have proven to be an incentive to organizations to develop other funding sources in the community and at the same time, to raise public awareness of their programs and activities.

  • The Trustees will pay particular attention to the composition of an organization's governing board which should include people from diverse backgrounds, professions and occupations who are active and visible in the community served.

  • Applicants may be asked to submit, by mail or fax, a federal tax exemption letter and a financial statement signed by a CPA covering the most recently completed fiscal year. The tax exemption letter should state that the organization is not a private foundation.

  • In order to permit other worthy organizations an opportunity to benefit from the limited resources at the Trust's disposal, we request that any organization receiving a grant allow at least two years to elapse from the date of their last approved grant request before applying for further support from the Trust.

» Online Grant Application - Grant Report «

  • If you have received a grant and have been notified to complete a Final Grant Report, you can access the report by logging back into the application. Upon logging in, at the bottom of the Welcome page, you should see a 'Report' link associated with the request you have received funding for.

  • To review grants made last year, click here


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