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volunteering food kitchen

8 Unexpected Ways to Reward CSR Participation

Most employees don’t get involved with CSR for the rewards. However, rewarding them regardless of the reason they got involved is a great way to keep participation and engagement high...

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corporate fundraising ideas

5 Corporate Fundraising Ideas You Should Implement Now

Your company may already do gift-matching, product donations, or volunteering events, but one of the best ways to engage employees and give back is to hold fundraising events to benefit a local charity...

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payroll giving coins and hearts

The Company Giving Secret Weapon: Payroll Integration

Increase your employee giving participation by adding payroll integration into your corporate social responsibility program and reap these benefits...

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millennial graduate

Recruiting Millennials with Corporate Philanthropy: Does it Work?

Millennials are coming into the workforce and are seeking to be part of a greater purpose and want involvement in corporate philanthropy efforts...

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girl holding heart sticks

Why Do Companies Give? What is the Value?

Recent research shows we are intuitively good by nature and want to cooperate, even if it means some personal loss...

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Molding clay

Shaping Your Culture for Better Grantmaking

Creating a culture in which trustees and staff are at their best performance isn’t easy, but it is attainable and the outcome allows organizations to ensure the nonprofits they hope to support are successful and strong.

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people standing on a hill

The 5 Keys of Collective Impact

Most organizations lack the abilities to solve major social problems by themselves, which is why something like collective impact is so intriguing...

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A Quarterly CSR Plan to Make the Most Impact in 2017

Corporate philanthropy and grantmaking may already be an established system because of these factors, but whether you’re looking to establish something new or revamp something that already exists, the need to make an organized plan is huge...

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woman holding globe

Localizing Corporate Philanthropy Efforts on a Global Scale

Today’s employees and candidates are watching the actions of organizations, expecting to see some stance on issues and challenges facing the community in which they conduct business. It’s no longer acceptable to be prosperous without giving back, which is all the more inspiring.

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