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Increase Employee Engagement with Employee Giving Programs

Jan 27, 2016

Pleasing today’s workforce is not an easy task. Every month Gallup reports on workforce engagement numbers and U.S. engagement, though it has slowly increased from previous years, and has had little-to-no change since March of this year. At a mere 32.1%, employee engagement should be a top priority for employers. Growing research suggests one solution to this problem: corporate philanthropy. So, how much can it really improve employee engagement? And, how can it be done? Well, glad you asked…

Watch the Numbers Grow

Employees today have a wide range of values and expectations when it comes to their career. They are less driven by money and are more receptive to career growth and development opportunities which is probably why Pro Bono Service is the fastest-growing corporate volunteer program, according to the CECP’s 2015 Giving in Numbers study.

The workforce wants to make a difference and that difference can be made through corporate giving. In fact, the benefits of doing so go beyond employee engagement. In a recent comprehensive report conducted by IO Sustainability, the presence of corporate philanthropy efforts can (just to name a few):

What’s more is this study is one of the first to shed light on the corporate benefits linked to philanthropy programs, providing a foundation for future pioneers of cutting edge corporate philanthropy programs.

The Most Successful Programs

There are plenty of diverse and meaningful employee giving programs for employers to choose from, and it doesn’t have to be just one. In fact, in 2014 companies offered an average of five programs for domestic employees and three for international employees. Some of the most common (and successful) employee giving programs are:

What you can do

The world of corporate philanthropy, or philanthropy in general, can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. An abundance of resources goes towards making these programs organized, compliant and, ultimately, successful.

Companies like CyberGrants exist to make corporate philanthropy a reality for today’s employers. With over 2.1 million charities in the charity database, CyberGrants offers a diverse group of legitimate charities for your company to consider. CyberGrants philanthropy software makes corporate philanthropy management easy for employers. Some added benefits to using CyberGrants for all of your philanthropic needs:

Giving back to the world has a powerful impact on how we humans behave. It’s important for employers to understand the value in having employee giving programs so they can continue to satisfy the workforce. It doesn’t hurt that lives in need might be impacted by those actions too! Contact us to find out how CyberGrants can help maximize your social footprint on the world.

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