Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

About the Campaign

What is the 2012 Good Works Employee Giving Campaign?
The 2012 Good Works Employee Giving Campaign is an opportunity for U.S. and Canadian employees to make contributions to charities of their choice through payroll deduction or credit or debit card transactions. During the campaign period contributions can be made to any featured charity partners or to a specific 501(c)(3) U.S. charity or federally registered Canadian charity of the employee's choice.
When can I make a pledge or contribution?
The campaign officially launches on September 4, 2012. Pledges and contributions will be accepted until December 7, 2012.
How do I make an online pledge or contribution?
You can begin by logging into our secure Good Works campaign website at:
Can I only give online?
Employees can choose to make contributions online or download and submit a paper contribution form. Paper forms are located on the Good Work Employee Giving Campaign intranet site. All paper contribution forms must be received by the Good Works team no later than December 14, 2012 to be included in the final list of contributions for the campaign. Paper forms received after this date will not be entered into the system and will be returned to the employee who submitted the form.
What organizations can I contribute to through this campaign?
You can direct your contributions to any of our featured charity partners or any eligible charity of your choice. Our featured charity partners include federated charities whose membership represents multiple recognized and well vetted national and local charitable organizations.
Why are only certain organizations chosen to be featured as part of this campaign?
Organizations chosen to participate in this campaign reflect the feedback we have received from all employees about their giving interests and charitable focus areas they want to support. We will continue to survey employees to determine if additional choices for giving should be included in next year's campaign. For additional information please email the Corporate Campaigns e-mail box.
Is there pressure for me to give?
The decision to give is personal. The employee's contribution can be used to support any organization, issue or program that is important to them.
Are fundraisers allowed in the workplace during the campaign?
No. JPMorgan Chase does not allow fundraising activities during the campaign. However, markets and Lines of Business can choose to hold events supporting charities which raise awareness of these groups and encourage employees to direct their contributions to these groups through the campaign giving site or by using the campaign paper contribution form. To learn more about how it may be possible to hold an activity that supports a specific charity, please contact the Employee Engagement and Volunteerism team by emailing the Corporate Campaigns email box.

About Your Contributions and Match

What are the various giving methods?
There are several giving methods to choose from:
- The "Give a Dollar a Pay" option will allow employees to simply click a button to designate $1.00 per paycheck -be donated to charity. All funds from this option will be pooled and contributed to campaign partners on a pro-rata basis according to employee contributions to our featured charity partners or their members during the campaign
- One time payroll deduction - a one-time contribution of a flat amount, specified by the employee, taken from the employee's first paycheck in 2013
- Ongoing payroll deductions - ongoing contributions of a flat amount per pay period over 24 pay periods (e.g., $2.00 per pay period would equal $48.00 total for the year) taken from employee's paychecks throughout 2013
- One time credit or debit card contribution - one time contribution processed and paid to the recipient charity in 2012
Please note: The campaign does not accept contributions of checks or cash. Contributions of equities must be given directly to any participating charity directly by the donor and are eligible for match from the Foundation based on matching rules set forth in the company's policies.
Which credit or debit cards are accepted?
Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
Are there minimum contribution amounts?
- Ongoing payroll deduction - ongoing contribution over 24 periods - the minimum contribution amount is $1.00 per pay period
- One time payroll deduction - one-time contribution the minimum contribution amount is $10.00
- One time credit card contribution - one-time contribution the minimum contribution amount is $10.00
Is there a maximum contribution amount?
No, but there is a $1000 maximum annual match.
Is there a maximum number of organizations to which I can allocate my contribution(s)?
No. You may support as many charities as you choose; however, a minimum allocation of $1.00 per paycheck is required for all charities you choose to support.
Is there a minimum number of organizations to which I can allocate my contribution?
A minimum of one designated organization is required.
Can I change or cancel my payroll pledge during the campaign?
Yes. Employee payroll pledges are not finalized until the end of the campaign; therefore, you may change the charities or allocation of your pledge at anytime during the campaign. This includes decreasing, increasing or canceling your pledge. Employee credit card contributions cannot be changed or canceled at any time during or after the campaign.
Can I change or cancel my payroll pledge after the campaign concludes?
Yes, you can cancel your pledge after the conclusion of the campaign by contacting accessHR.
When do payroll deductions begin?
Payroll deductions will begin with the first pay period of 2013. One-time payroll deductions will be processed within the first pay period of 2013.
If I leave the company prior to the end of 2013, will I be held responsible for the remaining amount of my pledge?
No. Payroll deductions will terminate following your final paycheck and you will not be held responsible for the remaining amount of your pledge if you leave the company prior to the end of 2013.
Where does my contribution go?
- If you chose to contribute to the APIASF, your funds will go toward their scholarship program.
- If you chose to support the UNCF, your funds will be used to support their member colleges and universities.
- If you choose to support the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, your funds will go toward their scholarship programs.
- If you choose to support the United Way, you will be asked to allocate your contribution to the local United Way of your choice during the contribution process.
- If you choose to contribute to a featured charity partner federation (Community Health Charities, EarthShare, Global Impact, America's Charities) you can direct your contribution to the federation or any of its members.
If you choose to donate to a featured charity partner federation and do not designate one of its members, your contribution will be distributed across all of its members. To learn more about how each organization allocates contributions please visit their web sites listed on the Employee Engagement and Volunteerism site on the intranet.
In which year can I claim a tax deduction for my contribution?
You can claim a tax deduction in the year that your payment is processed.
- If you contribute by credit card, your contribution will be processed in 2012
- If you contribute through payroll, your contribution will be processed in 2013
Please consult your tax advisor for further guidance.
Can I contribute stock?
Yes, but only by using a paper form for your contribution. All contributions of stock must be given directly to your intended charity from your accounts and are not processed through the campaign, JPMorgan Chase or its vendors. Using the paper form to register your contribution will allow the Foundation to verify the receipt of the equities with the recipient organization and provide the Foundation match for your contribution.
How will the Foundation match be determined if I contribute stock?
Matches of stock will be determined by the declared value of the stock on the date it is received by the intended charity.
I gave to the charity of my choice during last year's campaign. Will my contributions automatically renew for 2012?
No. Employees must renew their contributions annually through our campaign giving website at The site allows you to renew your contributions quickly and easily provided you want your allocations to remain the same as directed during the 2011 Good Works Campaign. You can also add or delete charities by registering a new pledge or contribution.
If I renew my contribution, will it be eligible to be matched?
Yes, during the renewal process you will be prompted to select the contributions you wish to have matched by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.
How are employee contributions matched through this campaign?
Eligible employee contributions will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $1,000 to eligible charities. Matches will count against the total of $1,000 maximum match amount annually available to employees through the Foundation's Matching Gift program. For the purpose of the 2012 campaign, all requested matches will count against the employee's annual $1,000 allocation of match for 2013. Employees may choose to have all or some of their contribution amounts matched during the campaign.
Am I eligible for a match?
If your annual base salary is $250,000 or less, you are eligible to have your contributions matched. For a definition of "annual base salary" please visit the "HR & Personal" tab on Company Home.
What organizations are eligible for matching?
Most 501(c)(3) charities in the U.S., or federally registered Canadian charities are eligible for match.
Are there any ineligible organizations?
501(c)(3) organizations classified as 509(a)(3) supporting organizations are not eligible. If you have questions about whether or not an organization is a supporting organization, contact the organization directly to inquire. For more details about organizational eligibility, click here.
When will my payroll contributions be paid to the charities I select?
Employee contributions are sent to the charities of their choice on a monthly basis. Employee funds are released to a charity once the charity validates its contact information, including address and contact person. While most charities validate their information shortly after the close of the campaign, others may take longer to provide validation. If validation is delayed, all employee contributions to that charity are held and paid in full once validation is received.
When will my credit or debit card contributions be paid to the charities I select?
Employee contributions made by credit or debit card will be sent to the employee's intended charities at the end of each month during the campaign. All contributions will be sent to intended charities before the end of the 2012 calendar year. All matches to these contributions will be sent at the end of the first quarter in 2013.
What if my charity does not validate their information?
Three communications are made throughout the year to charities which do not validate their information. If all attempts fail to gather the needed information, affected employees will be notified. Upon this notification, affected employees will have the option to contact the charity directly to assist in getting validation or re-direct their pledges to a different charity of their choice. If an employee does not respond to this notification, all accrued funds will be contributed to the Good Works Campaign's featured charity partners using a pro-rata formula based on employee contributions to our partners during the 2012 campaign.
When will the match be paid to the charities I select?
Employee payroll contributions will be matched on a quarterly basis throughout 2013. One-time contributions made by credit or debit card will be matched at the end of the first quarter of 2013. Distribution of all matches will be contingent upon validation of information from charities. Please see description of this process in above questions.
Since matches to employee contributions will be made quarterly, if I leave the company in the middle of a quarter, will my contributions for that quarter be matched?
Yes. Any employee pledges that are fulfilled during the time of your employment will be matched by the Foundation.
Will my Give a Dollar a Pay contribution be matched?
The Give a Dollar a Pay contributions of eligible employees are automatically matched and distributed to featured charity partners as described above.
Will my ability to use the Matching Gifts program in 2012 be affected if I choose to have my contributions matched during the 2012 campaign?
No. The amounts you contribute or pledge during the 2012 Good Works Employee Giving Campaign will be credited against your eligible match amount in 2013.
I give to multiple organizations. Can I choose how much the Foundation will match to each?
Yes. You can choose the amount you want matched by the Foundation to each charity to which you contribute. Your requested match cannot exceed the amount of your total contribution to each charity you select. You can choose to give to as many charities as you like during the campaign.

You have decided to give $1,500 to three charities during the Good Works Campaign
You have determined that each of your chosen charities should receive $500
You are eligible for a match of $1,000 total in 2013
You can allocate $333.33 of your match to each of the charities
You can allocate $500.00 to two of the three charities you chose
You allocate $200.00 or other potential amounts to all three charities of your choice, reserving the remainder of your match amount for 2013 to use to match contributions you plan to make to qualified organizations during the coming year.
Does 100% of my contribution go to the charity(ies) of my choice?
Yes. 100% of your campaign contribution will go to the charity(ies) of your choice.
Will 100% of the Foundation match go to the charity(ies) I designated?
100% of matches designated to charities of our employees' choice outside of our featured charity partners will go to that designated charity. Matches to the featured charity partner federations and undesignated to any specific member charity will be distributed amongst their members according to their membership agreements. Matches provided through federations to specific members will be distributed to those members after a negotiated service fee is allocated to the federation. Percentages of matches withheld for these purposes are negotiated between the Foundation and each featured charity partner federation.
What are the security safeguards for my contributions?
Understanding that donor privacy is important, the campaign sends data from Human Resources to an external vendor through a secure process. The information is used to facilitate the contribution process. The vendor then securely transfers donor designations back to the payroll department for payroll deductions. Contributions made via credit card are processed securely. JPMorgan Chase processes these contributions and mails them directly to the intended charity on a monthly basis throughout the campaign.
Can I make an anonymous contribution?
When you make your contribution you may indicate whether you would like your name released to the charity of your choice or whether you wish to remain anonymous. You may also choose to accept or decline email communications from these organizations.
Will I receive a tax receipt for my contribution to the charity?
JPMorgan Chase's agreements with featured charity partner federations require them to provide donors with tax substantiation letters. JPMorgan Chase requests that all other organizations provide tax substantiation letters to donors. If you do not receive a tax substantiation letter from a donor choice charity, please contact them directly.
What happens to my contribution if the organization never cashes the check?
Uncashed checks are reissued to the organization twice after the checks reach their expiration date. After two attempts the funds are declared undeliverable.
What happens to undeliverable contributions?
If a contribution is declared undeliverable because the organization ceases to exist or does not cash the check, the contribution will be distributed amongst the Good Works campaign partners based on a weighted average determined by the total contributions received by each partner during the campaign year in which the pledge or contribution was made.
What happens to my contribution if the organization never receives the check?
If the organization does not receive a check they should call 1-888-291-0655 to request a reissue of the check.

About our Featured Charity Partners

What is a federated charity?
A federated charity is a charitable organization that includes, as members, national and local charities for the purpose of streamlining fundraising through workplace giving campaigns. Member charities of federations enter into an agreement with the federation and receive contributions in accordance with these agreements from each workplace campaign where the federation participates.
If I direct my contribution to a federated charity partner federation but do not select any specific member charities of that federation, how is my contribution allocated?
Each featured charity partner federation established, with the agreement of their members, an allocation process for undesignated contributions. These agreements differ for each federation, but are clearly described on their websites. To find more information on the federations visit the Good Works intranet page. All elected matches associated with undesignated contributions to federations will also be provided to these federations for allocation to their members in alignment with their governing agreements.
What is America's Charities?
America's Charities' goal is to provide member charities with the financial resources required to meet emerging needs. America's Charities addresses the needs of children, families, the hungry and the sick, in your community and across the nation. America's Charities helps the charities thrive by generating sustainable income through workplace giving and additional paths.
What is the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund?
Based in Washington, DC, The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) is the nation's largest 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides scholarships to Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) with financial need. APIASF works to create opportunities for students to access, complete, and succeed after post-secondary education, thereby developing future leaders who will excel in their career, serve as role models in their communities, and will ultimately contribute to a vibrant America.
What is Community Health Charities?
Community Health Charities of America works to improve the lives of people affected by a disability or chronic disease by uniting caring donors in the workplace with our nation's most trusted health charities. For more than half a century, Community Health Charities has partnered with its member health charities in the workplace to provide a cost effective partnership that enhances the ability to deliver more of every dollar contributed into the hands of those who desperately need it. Through its nationwide network of affiliates, Community Health Charities connects the American workplace to more than 1,800 credible health charities focused on addressing our nation's most pressing health issues.
What is EarthShare?
EarthShare supports the nation's finest environmental and conservation organizations and offers a simple way to care for our health, water, air, land and wildlife. EarthShare charities represent a broad range of environmental issues, and a single contribution to EarthShare supports them all. Every contribution to EarthShare is split among the member organizations, supporting the broadest range of environmental programs; contributions can also be designated to one or more groups.
What is Global Impact?
Global Impact is dedicated to helping the world's most vulnerable people. It represents 55 of the most respected U.S.-based international charities in workplace giving campaigns across the nation, such as Doctors Without Borders, CARE, UNICEF, Save the Children and Women for Women International.
What is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund?
The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is the nation's largest not-for-profit organization supporting Hispanic higher education. Founded in 1975, HSF provides American families with the financial and educational resources they need to achieve a college education and help America be more competitive. To date, HSF has awarded over $360 million in scholarships and has supported a broad range of outreach and education programs to help students and their families navigate collegiate life, from gaining admission and securing financial aid to finding employment after graduation.
What is the UNCF?
UNCF is the nation's largest minority education organization. To serve youth, the community and the nation, UNCF supports more than 60,000 students at over 900 colleges and universities across the country. UNCF supports education through scholarships and other programs, by supporting its 38 member colleges and universities, and by advocating for the importance of minority education. UNCF administers more than 400 programs, including scholarship, internship and fellowship, mentoring, summer enrichment, and curriculum and faculty development programs.
What is the United Way?
United Way is a global network, including nearly 1,300 local organizations in the U.S. and 113 in Canada that advance the common good, creating opportunities for a better life for all by focusing on the three key building blocks of education, income and health. The United Way movement seeks to create long lasting community change by addressing the underlying causes of problems that prevent progress in these areas.
Who do I contact if I still have questions?
For questions about the giving process or giving site, please email or call 1-888-291-0655 with questions.
For questions about campaign resources, practices or events please email the Corporate Campaigns email box.
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