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Using Donor Advised Funds: Fast Facts for Engaged Grantmakers

When it comes to donor advised funds, every grantmaker should know...

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New Resource: 8 Facets of a Seamless Grantmaking Process

With more and more companies using CSR to engage and attract candidates and boost employee engagement, chances are you’ve been thinking about making your process a little bit easier for everyone in the grantmaking spectrum...

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A Quarterly CSR Plan to Make the Most Impact in 2017

Corporate philanthropy and grantmaking may already be an established system because of these factors, but whether you’re looking to establish something new or revamp something that already exists, the need to make an organized plan is huge...

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The Many Benefits of a Paperless Grant Management Process

Today, technology knows no bounds. It helps us connect with others across the world, wakes us up in the morning and even adjusts the temperature of our house from our office. There isn’t one process in our day-to-day life that isn’t touched in some way by a digital advancement and that includes the grant management process.

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Dear Grantmakers: What Grantees Wish They Could Tell You

In order to sustain long-term grant making success, grantmakers can’t shy away from underlying issues within organizations. Grantees may find it difficult to disclose their weaknesses and the challenges they face for fear of compromising future funding from grantmaker partnerships.

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