Creating Additional Chapters, Branches, or Locations

How do I get started?

We have two documents to walk you through this process. Once you have your file completed, email it to

Why would an owner want to create additional chapters, branches, or locations?

Organizations choose to enhance their FrontDoor information with local details for a few reasons:

  • Searching - While many organizations have a single headquarters or perhaps a few territories, employees looking to make a donation often search for a chapter that's closer to home. This allows them to feel like they're "giving locally". By providing FrontDoor a current and complete picture of your organization's architecture, you're helping prospective donors find your local offices with maximum efficiency and minimal effort.
  • Reporting - Tagging a gift or disbursement as pertaining to a particular location clarifies reporting. Instead of freeform entries or inaccurate locations, all gifts and payments are made to consistent listings that tie cleanly back to your internal records.
  • Sharing - Once you create chapters, owners have the option to give employees that work in those local offices the ability to view and support the activities that are being recorded for their location.

What happens to the matching gift confirmations or disbursements earmarked to local offices?

Owners have the ability to redirect gifts and disbursements between headquarters and local offices via their FrontDoor accounts. This means that in FrontDoor, where gifts are originally made (locally) and where they ultimately go (headquarters) can be two different directions.

How many locations should I provide?

CyberGrants allows employees to search for their favorite organizations by keyword, city, and state. So, a good rule of thumb would be to include the primary location for each state where your organization has a presence. This provides them a nice balance of local giving without overwhelming them with too many options. If you have multiple locations in a state, try limiting your entries to just those with active business offices - as opposed to locations where only a program operates.

How long does it take to get my information imported?

We may need to consult with an organization owner to come up with the ideal way to have their chapters listed in FrontDoor, so please know that this can take longer to get them listed. We will email you with questions and confirm once the import is completed.