What is CyberGrants FrontDoor?

FrontDoor is a portal that gives authorized nonprofit administrators the ability to access information from all of the corporate websites that CyberGrants hosts through a single address and set of credentials. It was born from a commitment to work closely with nonprofit organizations to make the philanthropic world a safe, efficient, and engaging place to "make incredible happen".

How does FrontDoor work?

CyberGrants works with the Internal Revenue Service and other global databases to guarantee that nonprofits meet the charitable standards of our corporate customers. FrontDoor allows us to thoroughly vet the individuals who claim to represent these nonprofits to ensure that they are the right person(s) to make decisions on the organization's behalf. Once approved, an administrator can access their information via the single website — cybergrants.com/frontdoor — or provision additional users to help them maintain their organization.

What can I do with FrontDoor?

Examples of the features you can access today include:

In the coming weeks and months, FrontDoor will be adding new capabilities such as:

How much does FrontDoor Cost?

Safe, efficient, effective philanthropy is also essential for CyberGrants' "bottom line" and that's why we're pleased to be able to offer FrontDoor as a completely free service to all eligible nonprofit organizations.

How can I learn more about FrontDoor?

Here at CyberGrants, we like to say that FrontDoor is "developed with NPOs for NPOs." If you have questions about FrontDoor or ideas about how we can make it better, just click on the Help link, review our FAQs, or submit an idea to our dedicated support team.