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Individuals can’t achieve their best possible health if they don’t understand the health challenges they face. They can’t access community health resources if they don’t know they exist.  

The solution to both dilemmas is Community Health Navigation—projects and programs aimed at connecting individuals and better health through the efforts of trusted neighbors and organizations.  

In our experience, a well-designed Community Health Navigation program can be a powerful tool in bringing improved Health Equity to underserved populations.  

Community Health Navigation can take many forms. Often it starts with faith-based organizations. In other cases, neighborhood clinics or emergency medical workers may play a role.  

Existing World of Difference collaborations exemplifying these many approaches are: Community Solutions, New York Botanical Garden, Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation, and University of Maryland.  

The Cigna Foundation is interested in learning more about innovative, USA-based Community Health Navigation projects such as these.

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