Registration Information

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Please note: If you are registering to submit the Learning & Leadership Application and you will be utilizing a fiscal agent, enter the fiscal agent organization information in the "Organization/School Name" and "Zip/Postal Code" fields. The fiscal agent's tax ID or NCES ID numbers should be entered if applicable.

If you are registering and do not plan to use a fiscal agent please enter your first and last name in the "Organization/School Name" field and your home zip code in the "Zip/Postal Code" field. Please do not enter your social security number in the tax ID field. You can leave the tax ID and NCES ID fields blank.

If you are not utilizing a fiscal agent, please note that grant funds will be made payable to you (the Lead Applicant) and will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. The grant funds may be considered taxable income so you may wish to consult with your tax advisor before submitting the application.

For more information on fiscal agents, click here.