Western Union Foundation WU Scholars Eligibility Quiz

To the best of your knowledge, is your school/institution of choice accredited? (Evaluated by an external accreditation body— sometimes a national government agency or other third-party organization— to ensure certain academic standards are met.)

Hasta donde sepas, ¿la escuela/institución que elegiste está acreditada? (Evaluada por un organismo de acreditación externo —a veces puede ser un organismo del gobierno nacional u otro organismo independiente— para asegurar que se cumple con ciertos estándares académicos.)

Western Union Foundation

The Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program is administered by the Institute of International Education, Inc. (IIE), a US private not-for-profit leader in the international exchange of people and ideas, on behalf of the Western Union Foundation.
The Western Union Foundation is a separate §501(c)(3) recognized United States charity supported by The Western Union Company, its employees, Agents, and business partners. For more information, go to www.westernunionfoundation.org.