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Will your request support any of the following?

  • Programs or projects that may constitute Self Dealing with Caterpillar Inc. or any of its subsidiaries directly or indirectly as described by US IRS Tax Code 4941

  • Programs or projects that may jeopardize the Foundation’s tax exempt status

  • Organizations that might in anyway pose a conflict with Caterpillar’s mission, goals, programs, products or employees

  • Capital campaigns (infrastructure, expansion, renovation, equipment, etc.)

  • Debt reduction

  • Development or production of books, videos, films or television programs, publications, research papers or articles in professional journals

  • Endowments (including professorships, chairs, scholars, etc.)

  • Fraternal organizations or exclusive membership societies

  • Student scholarships or fellowships

  • Groups or projects that discriminate or restrict services based on factors of race, color, sex (including pregnancy), age, disability, veteran status, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, domestic partner status, genetic information or citizenship status. The Caterpillar Foundation reserves the right to reject requests from organizations that discriminate or for projects that do not reflect the general principles of Caterpillar's Code of Conduct and Our Values In Action.

  • Hospitals, health, cultural and sports porgrams

  • Animal welfare

  • Individuals, Private Foundations, or pass-throughs

  • Political Action Committees, political causes, candidates, or lobbying activities

  • Product or service donations

  • Organizations with 501(c)(3) 170(B)(1)(a)(i) tax status and those whose services are limited to any one sectarian group

  • Requests for loans

  • Research grants

  • Sponsorships, tickets or advertising for fund-raising activities and special events

  • Competitions

  • Travel expenses

  • Program providing less than two years of services in the service area

No part of funds received from the Caterpillar Foundation can be directly or indirectly used or transferred: (i) contrary to U.S. laws, including U.S. export laws and sanctions, or (ii) without satisfying all applicable U.S. government authorization and notification requirements.