Thank you for thinking of Southwest Airlines for a donation to your non-profit organization. We are pleased to help the local communities we serve. While we wish we could help everyone - we cannot. Last year, we received over 16,000 requests from over 3,300 non-profit organizations and donated approximately 8,400 tickets. Each city we serve in the U.S. has a Local Giving Board which is made up of Employees that volunteer their time to review the requests that come in from their respective communities. The Boards make the decisions on whether to approve a request or not.

Before starting, we have a few questions to help us serve you better. By marking the "I agree" box below, you agree to fully comply with the standards, polices, and procedures contained in Southwest Airlines "Guidelines for Charitable Giving" and "Southwest Logo Usage" documents. You are also agreeing that you understand these documents can be found on www.southwest.com/donations.