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Economic Security of Working Families

PROGRAM GOAL: Strengthen the economic well-being of working families.

PROGRAM PRIORITIES: Strategies that improve economic security through the promotion of public policy and private practices that ensure good jobs and wages, accountable economic development, fair lending practices, and equitable access to the state's economic mainstream.

Current Grants - Economic Security of Working Families

California Budget Project
Sacramento, CA / $200,000 / 24 months
Conducting research and public education to improve state and local policy regarding the wages and economic security of low-wage workers in California.

California Reinvestment Coalition
San Francisco, CA / $1,400 / 12 months
Partial support of a website redesign for a coalition of non-profit and public agencies advocating for increased access to credit for California's low-income communities.

California Reinvestment Coalition
San Francisco, CA / $40,000 / 12 months
Convening organizations to develop statewide coordination and a policy advocacy strategy to oppose predatory payday lending practices in California.

California State University Fresno Foundation
Fresno, CA / $10,000 / 12 months
An analysis of the economic impact of establishing a proposed living wage ordinance in Fresno.

Center on Policy Initiatives
San Diego, CA / $175,000 / 24 months (core support)
Conducting research and analysis, public education, and advocating for living wage standards and equitable public economic development policies in San Diego.

Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy
Ventura, CA / $100,000 / 24 months
Conducting research and analysis, education, and advocating for living wage standards and economic development policies in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice - California
Los Angeles, CA / $225,000 / 36 months
Strengthening the capacity of a new statewide interfaith worker justice organization to build a broad movement for economic justice in California through local and statewide campaigns involving labor, community, and the faith communities.

Common Sense California / A project of Civic Ventures
San Francisco, CA / $5,000 / 12 months
Bringing together community and business leaders across party lines to develop solutions for long-term structural problems facing California, including workforce education, taxation, and transportation issues.

Community Development Finance
Berkeley, CA / $150,000 / 24 months
Developing a low-fee non-profit alternative to usurious for-profit check cashing and payday loan operations in California, and providing financial counseling for the most vulnerable population of credit consumers.

Community Development Finance
Berkeley, CA / $3,000 / 12 months
Publication support.

Discrimination Research Center / A project of The Impact Fund
Berkeley, CA / $150,000 / 15 months
Studying the impact of Proposition 209 on contracts awarded by the California Department of Transportation (DOT), publicizing the findings, and broadening awareness of possible reforms.

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
Oakland, CA / $150,000 / 36 months (core support)
Conducting research, developing community/labor coalitions, and advocating for accountable economic development policies and community benefits in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Equal Justice Society
Washington, DC / $40,000 / 12 months
Supporting a communications strategy to publicize litigation against FEMA for its neglect of poor, primarily Black and immigrant victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to rectify alleged discrimination in providing benefits, and to ensure that FEMA provides equal protection to all victims of future disasters.

Equal Rights Advocates
San Francisco, CA / $255,000 / 36 months
Impact litigation to increase wages and opportunities of female low-wage workers in a major retail chain, and to set a standard throughout the retail industry in which many low-income women, minorities, and immigrants are concentrated.

Labor Project for Working Families
Berkeley, CA / $40,000 / 12 months
Statewide organizing, public education, and advocacy to improve the wages and working conditions of child care workers in California.

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Los Angeles, CA / $100,000 / 24 months
Promoting more accountable and equitable economic development policies in Los Angeles to ensure that local economic decisions produce community benefits, such as living wage jobs.

The National Economic Development & Law Center
Oakland, CA / $30,000 / 12 months
Strengthening the capacity of the San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Area Committee that is elected by local residents to protect their interests in the Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project.

National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement
San Francisco, CA / $225,000 / 36 months
Building the capacity of a community-based immigration civil rights legal advocacy organization serving Middle Eastern/South Asian/North African immigrants in California.

Pacific News Service
San Francisco, CA / $10,000 / 12 months
Supporting the collaboration of New California Media and the California Reinvestment Coalition to increase the awareness of ethnic media regarding predatory lending practices.

Partnership for Working Families
Oakland, CA / $50,000 / 12 months
Studying past base closures and re-use processes in California, producing a base closure community benefits manual, and developing a model re-use plan for future base closures in California.

Public Interest Projects
New York, NY / $100,000 / 12 months
Regional funding collaborative to examine the impact of Proposition 209, and identify potential private practices and public policies to increase diversity in public employment, contracting, and higher education.

UC Berkeley - Center for Labor Research and Education
Berkeley, CA / $36,000 / 36 months
Support for two Kirke Wilson Labor Summer Internships to develop leadership skills of university students engaged in the economic justice movement and augment the capacity of economic justice organizations.

UC Berkeley - Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity
Berkeley, CA / $300,000 / 36 months
Identifying practical state and national strategies for using the courts and the legislative process to establish high-quality public education as a fundamental right.

Urban Strategies Council
Oakland, CA / $100,000 / 24 months (core support)
Providing research and technical support for the Oak to 9th Community Benefits Campaign, and efforts to ensure that low-income communities benefit from a large-scale economic development project in Oakland, California.

The Women's Foundation of California
San Francisco, CA / $6,000 / 12 months
Convening of California's non-profit leaders, foundation executives, and major donors to explore past lessons and future strategies for human rights advocacy in the Unites States.

Young Workers United
San Francisco, CA / $150,000 / 36 months (core support)
Conducting labor and community organizing strategies, policy advocacy, research, and public education to improve the wages and working conditions of young workers in the Bay Area.